Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

So thanks to a little prodding from my friend Melissa, I signed up for an online photography class with her that started a couple of weeks ago. And, this class started the same week that I got my new camera.'s been a bit of a learning curve, (figuring out my camera & doing the lessons at the same time!) but I am so completely enjoying myself and what I am learning. I thought that I would share a couple of photos that I took yesterday afternoon while working on an assignment that was about shooting in manual. Yep, I am finally shooting entirely in manual! Yahoo!!

I can definitely see an improvement in my photos and I love having so much more control of my shots by shooting in manual. Now, I know these aren't perfect...but I am having so much fun practicing on my little guy and my pooch Roxy!

So, pretty much you will find me behind my camera for the next little while, because over the next few weeks I will be practicing, practicing, practicing! (I even called my neighbor last night and she is bringing over her daughter tonight for me to practice little one is tired of mommy making him pose for her all of the time!)



  1. Nice work. I too just bought a nice camera and have no idea how to use it. Think I might need to do an online photography class like you!


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