Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love game night

The game Smart Ass
I'm a total dork, but I absolutely LOVE playing board games. And when my husband and I can get together with friends to play games and have a few drinks things can get hilarious. This past weekend we got together with our good friends the Moore's and this game night, just like others we have had, was full of fun and hilarious answers. First we played a game that was new to all of us, Smart Ass. (If you know my is seriously the game with the name that best suits him!)

And for once I actually won a game! (This is when you imagine me jumping up and down doing the happy dance, because I never, ever win at game night!! Yee-Haw!)

Next up we played a mean game of Scattergories. And this is when the funny happened. I think the drinks were starting to get to us and we all came up with hilarious answers!

For one game I used the completely wrong letter....seriously I don't even know how I did that. While everyone else was using the letter 'B' I was going on my happy way using the letter 'H'. (I mean, really who does that?!?)

And my friends, I have to ask, have you ever heard of the musical instrument "Hoboe"? Yeah, neither had any of us. (Well, except for a certain who will not be named).

And then as we all got tired, a little tipsy and since we all were wanting to win we kept adding as many adjectives to words as possible to get extra points. Sexy slutty secretary, super secret special Safeway sales and the like. We also have people making things up and trying to sucker us all into believing that they are real. My husband's best one this game was creating a new magazine out of thin named Operation Weekly. (Don't worry...we didn't let him get away with that one...the joy of having smart phones with internet. You can check just about anything out!) night to us gets a little competitive. And argumentative. And fun. Lots and lots of fun!

Are you a board game lover like me? If so what are your favorites? My favorites are Sequence, Scattergories, Taboo and Balderdash.

And now a dedication to my husband...his very own copy of his magazine, Operation Weekly:

Yeah. As I said before, I'm a total dork. I made up a cover to his fake "magazine" just for him! I showed it to him last night and he loved it and thinks we should get it framed!



  1. Drunken Scattergories is easily my favorite game. I believe I once gave fish as the answer to every question. I have no idea why...

  2. I love it. This is a great blog. I have to come here to be honestly entertained and enlightened. Thanks.


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