Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm getting old...

Ok...I think that I am officially old. And yet I still find myself having to buy acne cream/face wash. I am so confused.

My weekend consisted of getting excited to clean my house and buy a new dishwasher. Therefore I am old. Because when appliances and cleaning your home get you all in an excited tizzy, you are old, right?

But I also ordered myself some Proactiv last week to combat the adult acne that has graced my face since becoming a mom 4 years ago. The strange part of my order was making sure to get a good moisturizer to help combat the wrinkles & sun damage.

So therein lies the confusion. So if I am getting old, why am I having to deal with a teenage problem like acne?

ps. I really, am truly excited about the new dishwasher. I can't even begin to put it into words. My old one was a disgrace to my kitchen. It wasn't getting the dishes clean and it was leaving gross white residue on everything. Ugh...


  1. I love new appliances. I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets and cannot go into a store that has them without looking at them.

  2. just came across your blog :) love it! getting new appliances are fabulous :) plus those dishwashers do wonders! xo

  3. I hate to tell you, but part of what is causing the white residue on your dishes is due to a change in dishwashing soap and may not be related to the age of the dishwasher. Recently most of the phosphates in the soap has been removed due to new environmental regulations. So the dishes aren't getting as clean and white residue on everything. For me, the addition of a rinse liquid has helped, but so has washing everything on the heavy cycle.

  4. I love new appliances!! Girl, I hear ya. I am 31 and my face was flecked with the acne of 13 year old last week. Thank goodness things are on the mend because I was on the verge of going into hiding. Thanks so much for sharing your link on the My Baking Addiction Facebook page!


  5. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:


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