Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Swimsuit Season, I’m NOT afraid of you!

Yesterday, I started on my second round of HCG and lost 2 1/2 pounds my first day! I am crossing my fingers that this round goes as smoothly as my first round did and that I lose weight at the same rate. My first round was 28 days and I lost a total of 30 lbs. from my load weight and 26 from my starting weight. I am also down two sizes in pants and I feel great! I did put on 5 lbs. while on maintenance (thanks Las Vegas, you not only took my money but you made me fat!), but that gain was just in the first couple of weeks and over the last 3 weeks I have managed to keep my weight stabilized.

I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and I really feel like this is finally the answer for me on how to get my weight under control. I am lucky to have some great friends that keep me on track and encourage me and a spouse that really supports me and helps me to get through the tougher days in this process. HCG is a great diet that, for me, has helped to make me more aware of my food choices. It also has taught me to weigh my food and keep my portions under control.

My weight loss goal for this round is going to be 35 lbs. from my load weight (33 lbs. from my starting weight.) And, I WILL make this goal...I have confidence that I can do it!

So, swimsuit season, I am ready for you! This is MY year and I finally feel good about myself and where I am going with my health, my weight and accomplishing my goals. I might not ever look like a model, but I will be healthy and thinner and to me that is all that matters!


  1. You go girl!! You look great, so next trip is summer in Vegas rather than cold rain. :)

  2. I've said that pregnancy is the best weight loss plan, because I lost weight (in the first trimester) with both boys. So the hCG diet makes sense. At any rate, I'm glad you're having success with it. Best of luck!


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