Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too many choices!!

Every end brings a new beginning...the school year is over here in AZ and we are now onto new challenges and we have finally picked a new school for Caleb for next year!

We have been in a weird predicament with him...and the choices for us have been so vast and varying...the school system down here in Arizona is so so different than what I am used to from small town, rural Washington state. 

First off, it's very competitive. Secondly the district that I live in has open you don't have to enroll your child in the school that you are within boundary for. Because of these two things there are so, so many options available for parents: we could put him in the classic school that we are within the boundary for; we could take get on the waiting list/lottery list for the many different charter schools around us; we could take him to the school that while it is not within our boundary it is the closest school to us; the list of choices goes on, and on, and on. 

When my husband and I thought that we finally had made our choice, putting him into the school that we are within boundary for, we were thrown for a last minute loop. The school was going to begin offering a charter school type program that teaches a full grade level was a new option for kids going into kinder and 1st grade at the school. The old "classic" style of school was still available at the school, but the new option is now available too...ugh. Just when we thought we had it settled! 

Well, at least we have settled on a school. Now, it's just a decision about what type of curriculum we want!!


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