Thursday, May 31, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

So,  from some prodding and reminding from my online friend Branson I remembered to enter the Edit Me Challenge this week....and I am so glad that I did! The subject matter of the image is one of my favorite things to take photographs of, an old barn. (My other fave's are old windows, doors and hardware!!) This week's image is provided by Sarah from the Stiles Files...thanks for the amazing image Sarah!

Here's my edit...what do you think?

This week I just went with a clean, color pop edit. I love the image as it is...just with a little photoshop pop!

1) I started off with cloning out the two power lines that were going through the middle of the image. 

2) Next up I sharpened the image.

3) Then I did a couple of curves layers to bring out the red on the barn, the green in the field and the blue in the sky.

4) I then added a little haze & tint to the image and did a little burning around the edges to add more focus to the barn in the middle.

ps. Head on over to the Edit Me Challenge to see all of the other amazing edits from this week!!

pps. Did I tell y'all that I won the last Edit Me Challenge that I entered?!? How awesome is that...I was so excited and I just got my prize in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it! I think that I will be buying something else from the shop for my office...Head on over to Etched & Sketched to check out their awesome prints!


  1. Lovely edit! Love how you brought out the red in the barn!

  2. You've added just the right amount of punch! Lovely edit, Jenn!

  3. You brought out the color in the barn and sky so well!


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