Friday, December 16, 2011

Reddy the Elf

Last week we added a little extra fun and an extra watchful eye to our household for this holiday season. Our little elf on the shelf that Caleb named Reddy is joining in on our holiday merriment and so far he has been so much fun...along with being a little mischievous!!
The first night he climbed up into our tree and sat right next to our first family ornament and watched with his careful eyes!!

Another night he got into our art closet and pulled out some crayons and a Thomas the Train coloring book and had some fun!

He has also gotten into the cars and had some fun spelling out Caleb's name in the playroom!

And then over the weekend, while Caleb crashed out on a couch in the living room he had a sleepover with Mickey & Tigger in Caleb's bed!

 This is our first year with an Elf in the house and I now I know why my other mom friends had so much fun with their kids and elves in past Christmas'. It really does add fun, excitement and some great holiday magic to the season!!!

I'll try to post some more photos of Reddy and his shenanagins over the next week!

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