Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 3 - 365 Challenge

This week has definitely went by in a blur! I finally withdrew Caleb from his old school and got him registered for his new one. (He will be having the same 1st grade teacher that both of his cousins had, how cool is that?!?) We finally got some photos and artwork up on the walls at the new house and we experienced one heck of a monsoon week at the new house too...complete with lots of rain, wind, lightning and thunder. Caleb finished up his last week of summer camp with a trip to a water park, a day at the movies AND his number one favorite place, Peter Piper Pizza. Our family joined a local gym on Friday and Caleb and I made our first visit the very next day!

And then we finished up the week with a fantastic family dinner at our house. I can't even put into words how awesome it is to finally live closer to our family...my SIL visited us twice this week after I got home from work, and we went shopping one day after work too. I wish we would have moved to this side of town years ago, but at least we are here now and we can start making up for lost time!

So onto the photos! This week has a few more landscape & architecture images than the last couple of weeks, but I am definitely taking this challenge to heart. I am using it as a way to really challenge my work as an artist and up my game a little, trying out new things and really trying to see the world in a whole new way!

15/365 - This photo pretty much says it all! 

16/365 - Bathtime

17/365 - I love modern architecture and this building at a local community college is just amazing!

18/365 - Beauty in the simplicity of nature

19/365 - A little nap after a long day at summer camp. 

20/365 - Just a little practice at the local park.

21/365 - Using the force on his cousin (ps. this is my favorite of the week!)

Thank you so much for visiting me this week...make sure to check out Tina Sparkes blog next for some absolutely amazing images! (Seriously...she totally rocks and you don't want to miss out!)


  1. LOL at using the force! So funny. And that building is amazing!

  2. Love these Jenn! that last one cracks me up!

  3. Really enjoyed your photos this week! I love the way you used the light to maximize the beauty of the modern building and the soccer shot is great. You're showing motion and great detail!

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  5. Love these! Definitely cracking up at the last one.


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