Friday, February 24, 2012

Isn't it HOT?

I get asked all the time the same question about living in Arizona: 
How can you handle living there...isn't it HOT?
Well...I always remind them that it's not ALWAYS hot here...just a couple of months out of the year it's hot, but we stay inside out of the heat and enjoy our air conditioned homes! (Or in my case...I spend a lot of time outside in the pool!!)

BUT one thing that I absolutely LOVE about living here is the weather the other 9 months of the year. While all of my other friends are complaining about the cold & rain & snow we are outside playing in the backyard or at the park. In flip-flops...and shirtless. (at least the boys are shirtless)

Because c'mon....who wouldn't love to be outside in February riding their bikes in 75 degrees?

daydreaming on his bike

cute little feet

Happy weekend!



  1. Those really are some stinkin' cute little feet. Slightly jealous of your weather - we just had lightning and thunder during a snow storm!

  2. I definitely wouldn't mind some of your weather right about now! ;) I like winter for a little while, but not this loooong!


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